Bourgeios Bohemians (BOBO) is the author's cuisine of the Grebenshchikov brothers, chef Artem and pastry chef Aleksey.

The restaurant was opened in 2018, becoming over the years a real mecca for gastroenthusiasts and the creative class of St. Petersburg. The main idea when the brothers created the restaurant was the desire to abstract from popular culture and prepare creative, intellectual dishes that brothers like.

Through their creativity, chefs try to show that gastronomy is also an art and it develops in proportion to time. Artem and Aleksey prepare relevant, modern food without prejudices, stereotypes and don’t forget about academic’s knowledge. The brothers had internships at colleges in England, Australia, Finland and France, so they understand exactly how is important to create on basic knowledge. The desire for pure tastes, aesthetics and balance is the style of the Grebenshchikov brothers’ cuisine.

From the first day of the restaurant two directions were chosen: a la carte (French “according to the menu”) and a set menu. Sets are the hallmark of the restaurant and are updated twice a year in the season (spring-summer and autumn-winter) using the best Russian regional delicacies.

“A set is always the most complex design in gastronomy, a super-task, the implementation of which gives you a lot of pleasure: research, creative, and you understand your business even more deeply.
For us, maximum pleasure is the process of creation and searching for new solutions. That's why we number our sets to keep our story and craftsmanship evolves - beauty in the process. And the sets are very popular among our guests."
"All of us are passionate about wine and regularly refresh our knowledge. Enogastronomy - the art of choosing and pairing wines - is our passion: with each dish we taste dozens of wines until we’ll find real emeralds, the best wine pairings."
Artem Grebenshchikov has repeatedly become the best chef of St. Petersburg, and Aleksey has become the best pastry chef of Russia. The BOBO restaurant has been recognized many times as the best restaurant of St. Petersburg according to various gastronomic awards.
“Creating our first project, we united with the goal of doing what we like, sharing creative experiments. The principle of our work is the selection of high-quality local products, unique taste combinations, constant self-improvement and advanced training in gastronomy and wine. Our mission is the development of the enogastronomic culture of St. Petersburg and the country as a whole."
Wine occupies special attention in the concept of the restaurant; most of the service employees have a wine education; we like wine and constantly improve our skills in order to select the best combinations for our dishes.
Bourgeois Bohemians
1st place in the Top 52 best restaurants in St. Petersburg, according to the Where To Eat 2023 award
Bourgeois Bohemians
3rd place in the Top 100 best restaurants in Russia according to the All-Russian restaurant Award Where To Eat 2023
Bourgeois Bohemians
In 2019, in the list of the best restaurants in St. Petersburg in the 50 Best Discovery guide
Bourgeois Bohemians
The best author's and conceptual restaurant in the framework of the HORECA ULTRA PROFESSIONAL UP COMPETITION
Bourgeois Bohemians
The best restaurant in St. Petersburg in 2019 according to the restaurant award "Bay Leaf"
Bourgeois Bohemians
Finalist of the Palme d'Or 2019 Award
Bourgeois Bohemians
The best restaurant of 2018, 2019 and 2022 according to the "Top 100 restaurants of St. Petersburg" Award
Bourgeois Bohemians
Winners of the What's Where in St. Petersburg Award — 2023